Jack&Tara are proud to present an exclusive range of childrens homeware, designed by a London based creative team, and manufactured in Europe by skilled craftsmen. We offer an unparalleled level of quality, combining innovative production techniques with the finest methods, as well as a touch of the traditional!

Our furniture is perfect for a family looking for something which not only suits their lifestyle, but which will last for years to come; something which, when children have long outgrown their childhood years, they will still cherish and which perhaps, they will even pass on to their own children.

The unique, timeless and truly inspirational collection offered at Jack&Tara gives parents a way of personalising their childrens’ rooms, according to their taste and personality, without compromising on the overall aesthetic of your home.

Here at Jack&Tara we are reinventing tradition, creating furniture which offers comfort alongside personality and style and which we hope will become charged with your children’s unforgettable memories.

All of our furniture can be tailored to your family’s unique lifestyle, with an eclectic range of homeware, bedding, mattresses and much, much more…

In a style that is uniquely Jack&Tara!

Site visit & Design: Colour, sizes and layout are all difficult decisions to make. Jack&Tara offer to help you in designing your fantastic children rooms. Friendly site visits can be arranged with our consultants. We also offer made-to-measure and bespoke solutions to accommodate your needs (wardrobes, storage, media units etc…).

Trade Account & Contract: Jack&Tara proudly supply leading Interior Design practises in the UK and Europe. Please email info@jackandtara.co.uk to open an account today. All of our standard pieces can be made in different fabrics, sizes, finishes to accommodate your projects’ requirements. We also offer bespoke services; working from your sketches and ideas, our furniture designers are able to create pieces of furniture tailored to your specifications at competitive rate, with 2D drawings available for your approval. We can also offer competitive prices for larger contract projects.

Jack&Tara knows that delivery can be very stressful, especially where your child’s happiness is at stake! In order to guarantee your furniture gets to you promptly and without the risk of damage, we work in partnership with a trusted delivery service whose expertise and service are second-to-none – they’ll even assemble your furniture for you! For more information, please see www.prestigetrans.co.uk.

Jack&Tara’ aim to work with the above delivery service most of the time but reserve the right to contract other delivery services if and when it is required.

We deliver to most postal areas in the UK. Local and distant deliveries possible.

Delivery to areas outside Mainland Britain will be subject to non-standard delivery costs and a quotation will be provided to you. Please contact us for international deliveries. Should you wish to arrange your own shipping to another country, we can deliver to your shippers if required. Please refers to our Terms and Conditions for more details.